USA - Further 10% Duty may be Imposed 1 September 2019. Trade War Continues



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To all our Valued Customers,


Please see this important media release – relating to the US/China trade and a further increase in duty.


On August 13th, the U.S. Trade Representative released additional information regarding List 4 tariffs on imports of Chinese Origin goods.


List 4 has been split into two sections, with section A having an effective date of September 1, 2019 and section B having an effective date of December 15, 2019. Please see attachments.


Both sections of List 4 will have a duty rate of 10% additional duties for all Chinese origin goods imported into the U.S. after the effective date of each section.


List 4 has a comprehensive 6,870 HTS (at 10-digit level). 

  • List 4A covers 5,193 HTS
    • Section A includes speakers, printers, scanners, foods, clothing, bed linens and blankets, footwear and more.
  • List 4B covers 957 HTS
    • Section B includes some apparel and footwear, cell phones, laptops, video game consoles, computer monitors, camping gear, watches, flashlights, sports equipment, chemicals and more.

The USTR also announced that it “intends to conduct an exclusion process subject to the additional tariff”.


We will continue to update you as further information comes to hand.


At this time, we would be suggesting that you build this potential increase into your landed cost for pricing purposes


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in relation to the above.


Keeping you updated

BRi Team

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