COVID-19: Urgent Oceania Update - Critical Documentation Requirements


To all Valued Customers


At BRi, we are closely monitoring the current coronavirus outbreak across Australia and it is of vital

importance to us to provide you with the latest COVID-19 updates.


As the working landscape is changing during COVID-19, BRi and its customers need to adjust the way

physical documents are handled in the event of full lockdown.


We are committed to remaining fully operational and to do so, we need to communicate the documentation considerations required for all importers during this unique period.


Most of the documentation can be dealt with in an electronic format via email.


The exception to this, is the presentation of the original Bill of Lading.


These must be dealt with by the receipt of the original paper document and not a copy or electronic representation.


Cargo that is shipped on an original bill of lading cannot be released at the wharf unless the physical original bill of lading has been surrendered / lodged with the shipping line.


We would like you to review your documentation distribution and mail procedures in order to manage the distribution of your logistics documentation, in the event of further restrictions and closures.


Original Bills of Lading/Documentation


  1. Shipping Line original Bills of Lading (Ocean Bills of Lading)– not seaway, telex, express or copy bills of lading
    1. Do not send by mail to BRi – our office or the post office may be closed
    2. Arrange your own courier to lodge and surrender the original with the shipping line directly  taking the following in consideration:
    3. Ensure you have endorsed the Bill of Lading by signing and placing your company stamp on the back of the original bill of lading
    4. Only send one (1)original Bill of Lading to the shipping line
    5. keep the other 2 originals in your possession in case the first original goes missing


BR International or Agent Original Bills of Lading

  1. Do not courier these to BRi
  2. Arrange to mail them to your local BRi PO Box – not our street address
  3. Traceable mail is preferred


Please send all ‘other’ documentation electronically by scanning and emailing documentation to your local BRi representative


As a future safeguard, please arrange for all current and future shipments to be shipped using express bills of lading or sea waybills where possible with your overseas suppliers.


Courier Documents and Satchels


Please do not deliver shipping documents to BRi via couriers / satchels as our office may soon be unmanned with staff working remotely whilst enabling our business continuity plans.


In the event of, couriers may return the documents to the sender.


Couriers will not leave satchels and envelopes at unattended facilities without signatures at this time.


During this period and until further notice, please instruct your overseas suppliers to send courier satchels or envelopes to your company office and not BRi offices.


If you receive a courier satchel or envelope, please scan the documents and send to your local BRi representative and they will advise the next course of action.


A courier collection of the documentation may be required, which will be at an additional cost.




BRi’s preference is for all payments to be made via EFT and we discourage the use of cheques especially at this time!


Paying by cheque is likely to incur significant delays and additional costs (potential storage and demurrage as example).


We also remind you that BRi accepts VISA, Master Card and AMEX payments subject to a small credit card surcharge.


During this unprecedented and challenging time, it is extremely important for you to follow the above



Failure to do so may disrupt your supply chain and incur significant additional costs.


We remain operational around the world and will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they are made available.


For additional client advisories, please visit our website


Thank you for being our Valued Customer and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your BRi Customer Solutions Representative for further information.

Keeping you updated,

BRI Customer Solutions Team


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