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To our Valued Customer,  

As per our previous notifications, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources ( DAWR ) implemented new packing declaration formats in June 2016 for all containerised sea freight consignments arriving into Australia.  As we now approach the final 30 days before the cessation of the old packing declaration format, we would like to remind you that any packing declarations presented in the old format will not be accepted by the DAWR from June 16, 2017. Please ensure your suppliers are aware of this change as packing declarations presented in the old format will need to be replaced, potentially creating clearance delays which may lead to additional storage fees.

Many BRi Customs clearance clients have already updated their expiring annual packing declarations ( APD ) with the new format and are therefore covered.  We are however still receiving some consignment specific packing declarations in the old format. While these will still be acceptable for another 30 days,  we strongly recommend that all suppliers be reminded of the change in format and commence utilising the new format immediately.

We attach templates of the new formats, one for annual packing declarations and one for consignment specific packing declarations.

Current annual packing declarations with an expiry date up to June 16, 2017 will remain valid however they will need to be replaced with the new format upon expiration.

Please feel free to contact your BRi Customer Service member or Customs representative should you have further enquiries relating to this matter.

Keeping you updated BRi Customs Team

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