Transport Safety - Chain Of Responsibility(COR)


Dear Valued Customers


Effective 1st November 2021 all transport providers will introduce a Chain Of Responsibility(COR)fee per container, this will be levied to support the commitment to a safety culture that protects their staff, drivers, the business , community and importantly you as our valuable client.


In October 2018, the Heavy Vehicle National Law was amended to mandate that all parties in the transport supply chain has a duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities, since then the costs of compliance have increased significantly.


(COR) is to ensure that everyone in the supply chain actively prevents safety breaches and aligns transport safety law with the concept of “duty of care” underpinning Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) laws.

Complying with the law is a shared responsibility and all parties in the transport supply chain are responsible. Breaches of the law can occur through vehicle over-loading (mass breaches), vehicle and load dimensions, load restraint, fatigue, speed and vehicle maintenance.


Key points


> Employ dedicated safety and compliance managers

> Have robust safety management systems in place

> Maintain recognised safety accreditations

> Train their staff thoroughly in safety compliance and

> Are subjected to exacting internal and external safety audits.



Adelaide and Western Australia brought this in earlier this year and now the rest of the states have now followed.

We value your business and appreciate your loyalty and trust in BR International’s service. We will however be forced to pass this fee through to our customers. Accordingly, effective 1st November 2021.

Please feel free to contact our Transport Team should you have any queries or concerns.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


BRI Transport Team.


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