Electronic Technology

Our in-house I.T department offers ready-to-implement applications with in-depth coverage of functional requirements, yet offers enough configurability to tweak process flows for the unique business practices of our diverse client base.

Our immediate solution is similar to an ERP like system with its core focus being end-to-end extending through to business smarts, report management and part or full integration. A system that has proven integration with SAP, Pronto, Movex, Manhattan and other leading edge systems

Our IT Architecture's greatest assets lie in simplicity and flexibility. A base system that is scalable, multi-database compatible and most importantly flexible to suit individual customer needs. We cater for both small and large business needs allowing further adaptability in the areas of customer specific report writing.

All of our products and services sit under one roof so our clients have a single point of call at any one time. With the addition of customer portal access and web-based environments our customers have everything they need at the click of a mouse.

BRi's systems are used by all our customers so any new customers receive immediate benefit of being exposed to best business practices.

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