International freight forwarding

International freight forwarding

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At BRi we like to think that we’re very fortunate to be a member of the community of freight forwarders, and a formidable one at that. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than knowing what we do, and the care we take, can make a real difference to the lives of our customers.

A freight forwarder is a company that arranges the shipping of cargo to its destination on behalf of a corporation, a company, or an individual. These may be importers or exporters, with manufactured goods or raw materials.

International freight forwarders are experts in logistics, using a variety of carriers to get the goods to their destination without ever handling the freight itself. Often several modes of transport are used to ship any given consignment – such as truck pickup from the supplier in one country to a seaport for marine transport to another country, on to customs for clearance then another truck for delivery to the new destination.

The modes of transport subcontracted are usually aircraft, cargo ships, tanker vessels and grain carriers, and rail and road transport.

International freight forwarders specialise in the preparation of often complicated customs declarations and the associated duties payable. A range of other documentation is typically reviewed including the bank’s letter of credit, commercial invoice, bill of lading, and assorted documents required by the carrier.

Other activities include arranging cargo insurance, warehousing of goods, and container tracking.

Why use BR International for freight forwarding?

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We understand that no two supply chains are the same.

At BRi we have made a promise to deliver the tailored solutions that we feel are unfulfilled by our competitors.

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We invest the time to truly understand our customer's unique business.

We then devise strategies and tailor solutions that are entirely in sync with the goals and requirements of each customer.

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We are not facilitators, we are problem solvers.

We love a challenge and if there is a better process, service or solution available we will find one.

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We believe your business is our business.

The accomplishments and growth BRi has experienced is directly linked to how much we care for our customers and their success.

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Innovation and

We are continually striving for improvement and endeavour to always be innovators within the industry.

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Direct access to the owners 
of the business.

Unlike our large global competitors there is a human face and a reality to our commitment.

We’re here to understand your supply chain challenges

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We invest the time to truly understand each and every customer’s unique business. We then device strategies and tailor solutions that are entirely in sync with the goals and requirements of each customer and their individual situation.

Aaron Poole
Director – BR International

International freight forwarding

Choose BRi for trustworthy international freight forwarding. We offer personalised service, striking the right balance between being large enough to fulfill promises and small enough for tailored attention. Whether it’s airfreight or sea cargo, we provide swift solutions based on your needs. Our services include FCL and LCL options, reefer containers for chilled/frozen produce, High Cube Containers, Break Bulk cargo, Bulk Carriers, and special arrangements for hazardous materials. Benefit from seamless export/import customs clearance, transport to departure points, warehousing, and reliable delivery to the final destination in the USA. We ensure real-time tracking, cost transparency, and expert handling of paperwork for a headache-free experience.

International freight forwarding

BRi facilitates efficient freight forwarding from Australia to China, leveraging the strong trade ties between the nations. As China, our largest trading partner, experiences consistent annual growth in goods shipment—especially in iron ore and agricultural produce—our company-owned facilities across 6 locations in China and Hong Kong bolster our service capabilities. BRi offers reliable airfreight solutions for small, high-value agricultural products and provides quotes for deliveries of all sizes, backed by unwavering service quality. Our expertise spans import/export customs clearance, duty calculations, and transparent fee structures. For sea freight, our seasoned team arranges containers of varying sizes and bulk carriers for diverse cargo. BRi’s tailored solutions encompass freight forwarding, transport, warehousing, and supply chain consulting — all seamlessly provided under one roof.

Our warehousing locations

BRi’s extensive network spans multiple locations across Australia, providing comprehensive logistics solutions nationwide. Our local presence ensures swift and reliable services tailored to your specific needs. With company owned facilities in China, HK, India, USA & NZ.

International freight forwarding FAQs

We deliver to a vast range of countries almost anywhere in the world - contact us for more info.

The costs of freight forwarding vary but we are highly competitive. Contact us for a detailed quote, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Air freight, sea cargo, road and rail transport to the destination, both local and international.

We can ship anything that can be shipped. We specialise in mining, lifestyle, and wholesale and retail products, but our experience is extensive in other areas.

FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) in 20, 40 and 45 foot including High-Cube, refrigerated and freezer and open top available as required.

There is extensive documentation required for the customs clearance process. BRi will advise comprehensively to ensure timely customs clearance is achieved.

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