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The following information contains just a few of the common questions we get asked. If you would like any additional advice or information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding is transporting goods (freight) between locations, either domestically or internationally. These can be imports, exports or third-party transfers.

Using a trusted and reliable freight forwarder ensures goods are transported in the most appropriate and efficient way, saving you money in the process.

Costs vary and detailed quotes are available upon request.
Almost anywhere in the world.

White goods, furniture, consumer items, cars, machinery, clothing, agricultural products and many more. Bulk products, dangerous and oversized goods etc. If it will ship, we’ll ship it.

There is extensive documentation required for the customs clearance process. BRi has a team of professional customs brokers who will guide you through the compliance process.

International freight forwarding

We deliver to a vast range of countries almost anywhere in the world - contact us for more info.

The costs of freight forwarding vary but we are highly competitive. Contact us for a detailed quote, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Air freight, sea cargo, road and rail transport to the destination, both local and international.

We can ship anything that can be shipped. We specialise in mining, lifestyle, and wholesale and retail products, but our experience is extensive in other areas.

FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) in 20, 40 and 45 foot including High-Cube, refrigerated and freezer and open top available as required.

There is extensive documentation required for the customs clearance process. BRi will advise comprehensively to ensure timely customs clearance is achieved.

3PL warehousing

3PL Fulfilment is an outsourced solution provided by a specialised warehousing and delivery company that can provide storage, pick, pack and other purpose fit retail/consumer needs.

The simple difference between the two is that a 3PL handles your shipments and a 4PL handles your whole supply chain.

Charges, rates and fees will vary depending on what actual tasks are required. You can for example work on an hourly rate of est AUD 30-50 that simply covers the number of employees required to receipt, store and handle your goods. At BRi we have a number of cost models available including cost per unit as a way forward.

The immediate benefits in moving to BRi is that the client can have a purpose fit 3PL solution, specifically designed for client needs that also offers flexibility and scalability.

Yes at BRi we build the 3PL experience from the ground up and purpose fit for any new customer.

Yes, the BRi free of charge warehouse management program allows all customers to have a virtual warehouse experience.

Customs brokerage

BR International provides tariff classification, import/export clearance, duty drawback, consulting, pre-shipment authorisation, export document preparation, and electronic customs connections.

BRi's brokers have advanced knowledge for smooth clearance, covering tariff classification, pre-clearance, and electronic connections, minimising delays and ensuring compliance.

BRi offers professional support during audits. Our information-rich database aids in efficient cross-referencing, ensuring seamless audits and duty drawbacks.

Yes, BR International's services include duty drawback applications. Our brokers guide clients through the process to ensure the best outcomes.

BRi's consulting provides expert advice on compliance, including tariff classification, duty file maintenance, and pre-shipment authorisations for informed decision-making.

BR International's database allows swift cross-referencing, saving time during audits and duty drawbacks. Our advanced understanding of customs ensures efficient clearance.

Supply chain management

SCM is the oversight of processes from production to distribution. It ensures efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.

SCM enhances inventory control by optimising order processes, reducing carrying costs, and improving demand forecasting accuracy.

Logistics in SCM involves the efficient movement of goods, from procurement to distribution, minimising costs and maximising service levels.

Demand planning in SCM ensures accurate forecasting, minimising excess inventory and stockouts, improving overall supply chain efficiency.

SCM streamlines warehouse operations through layout optimisation, inventory tracking, and automation, improving overall efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in SCM integrate various business processes, enhancing communication, data accuracy, and overall operational efficiency.

Customs tariff consultancy ensures compliance, minimises risks, and optimises duties, facilitating smoother international trade within the supply chain.

BRi Pathway software

Pathway is a cloud-based software by BRi, offering real-time data-driven insights, enhancing visibility, and enabling informed decision-making.

Pathway utilises data for comprehensive reporting, aiding in performance optimisation, resource allocation, and effective planning.

Pathway sends automated alerts and notifications to relevant parties, ensuring timely responses to milestones or issues, minimising delays.

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