Customs brokerage

Customs brokerage

Expert customs clearance agents & licensed customs brokers in Australia

The foundation of our company has come through a long and informative offering around Customs Brokerage and Government compliance.

Our customs brokerage services

Every BRi customs clearance broker has an advanced understanding of customs clearance requirements and the knowledge required to avoid costly and inconvenient delays.

Tariff classification and duty file maintenance
Import and export clearance
Duty drawback application
Consulting services and advice
Pre-shipment authorisation and pre-clearance
Export document preparation
Electronic connection to customs

The BRi difference

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BRi provides professional assistance for clients in the event of a Customs audit and provide support with other vital customs clearance services. The quality of information contained in our database allows for cross-referencing of shipments, customs entry numbers, orders and products. This functionality will be a major time saver when carrying out a customs audit or completing duty drawbacks.

Customs brokerage FAQs

BR International provides tariff classification, import/export clearance, duty drawback, consulting, pre-shipment authorisation, export document preparation, and electronic customs connections.

BRi's brokers have advanced knowledge for smooth clearance, covering tariff classification, pre-clearance, and electronic connections, minimising delays and ensuring compliance.

BRi offers professional support during audits. Our information-rich database aids in efficient cross-referencing, ensuring seamless audits and duty drawbacks.

Yes, BR International's services include duty drawback applications. Our brokers guide clients through the process to ensure the best outcomes.

BRi's consulting provides expert advice on compliance, including tariff classification, duty file maintenance, and pre-shipment authorisations for informed decision-making.

BR International's database allows swift cross-referencing, saving time during audits and duty drawbacks. Our advanced understanding of customs ensures efficient clearance.

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