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Freight forwarding

What is the freight forwarding process?

Freight forwarding involves coordinating the shipment of goods from origin to destination including booking cargo, managing documentation, customs clearance, and selecting the best transportation mode.

Why choose BRi?

Experience seamless end-to-end global freight forwarding with BRi; we’re here for you. Request a quote to enhance your logistics operations today.

Superior customer service

Dedicated and responsive team ready to assist you with all your logistics needs.

Cutting edge-technology

We provide you with real-time tracking and complete transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

Customised solutions

We tailor our services to your needs and design them to optimise value for you.

A comprehensive global network

We have an extensive network globally to ensure the best outcomes for you and your business.

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Point of difference of BRi’s freight forwarding service

BRi provides our customers with customised end-to-end logistics solutions that simply do not exist anywhere else in the mainstream transport and logistics industry. We deliver tailored solutions that cannot be fulfilled by our competitors.

Our Process

Our freight forwarding process

Catering to diverse sectors, including mining, retail, and wholesale, we offer comprehensive end-to-end freight solutions and meticulously optimise size, packaging, and handling, providing a range of industry-standard FCL and LCL options to ensure efficient transportation.

Freight Forwarding Process
Our Process

Air freight services

BRi’s air freight services offer expedited delivery while prioritising reliability. With web-based tracking, direct-to-location options, and same-day express services, we prioritise efficiency, minimal handling, and precise tracking, making it an ideal choice for perishable goods.

Air Freight Services
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Sea freight services

BRi excels in sea freight solutions, standing out as your top choice for high-volume cargo. Our expertise ensures efficient and cost-effective sea freight services. With robust sea containers and a focus on sustainability, BRi is your trusted partner for seamless sea freight logistics.

Sea Freight Services

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Our warehousing locations

BRi’s extensive network spans multiple locations across Australia, providing comprehensive logistics solutions nationwide. Our local presence ensures swift and reliable services tailored to your specific needs. With company owned facilities in China, HK, India, USA & NZ.

Common questions we get asked

Freight forwarding is transporting goods (freight) between locations, either domestically or internationally. These can be imports, exports or third-party transfers.

Using a trusted and reliable freight forwarder ensures goods are transported in the most appropriate and efficient way, saving you money in the process.

Costs vary and detailed quotes are available upon request.
Almost anywhere in the world.

White goods, furniture, consumer items, cars, machinery, clothing, agricultural products and many more. Bulk products, dangerous and oversized goods etc. If it will ship, we’ll ship it.

There is extensive documentation required for the customs clearance process. BRi has a team of professional customs brokers who will guide you through the compliance process.

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