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Arisit and BRi: what a difference a strategic partner can make

Initially seeking another freight forwarder, Mr Peter Simonetta, Director of National Operations of Arisit – a Harvey Norman subsidiary, found in BRi a strategic partner. BRi’s comprehensive services streamlined the supply chain, ensuring transparency and efficiency. Proactive engagement empowered Arisit to focus on core business activities.

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How we helped Arisit

Since partnering with BRi in 2009, Arisit’s relationship with BRi has evolved from a typical freight forwarder to a strategic partner.

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They integrate with your business both commercially and personally! I have never seen anything like this before. They become extremely important to maintaining your business, increasing profitability, well-managed, and successful.

Peter Simonetta
Director of National Operations – Arisit

The Problem

Peter Simonetta faced challenges in managing multiple vendors across many different countries for a fast-growing product for white good consumers.

Managing these vendors and ensuring timely order outcome posed significant logistical hurdles plus the need for this retail product to be competitive at a landed cost level was critical to the success of retail sales

The Solution

Since partnering with BRi in 2009, Peter’s relationship with BRi has evolved from a freight forwarder to a strategic partner.

BRi took on vendor management day one and introduced a product financing solution that took pressure of Arisit cash flow with the introduction of a direct retail product build and product delivery.

BRi streamlined the supply chain, consolidating multiple vendors and handling all aspects from vendor management to quality control, payment of overseas suppliers, development of actual products, packaging, and delivery.

This pioneering comprehensive approach ensured that the Arisit supply chain would push forward post COVID and meet customer demand.

The Conclusion

BRi’s automatic approach of being a strategic partner significantly benefited Arisit. The BRi proactive approach and commitment to excellence allowed Peter to focus on core business operations while BRi managed supply chain complexities The personal relationship with key BRi personnel further solidified the partnership. BRi’s innovative solutions and collaborative approach have played a crucial role in Arisit’s success and growth, demonstrating how BRi integrates itself into clients’ businesses to ensure profitability and success.

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