Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Australian supply chain logistics consulting

BRi’s team of supply chain management consultants specialise in improving the performance of your supply chain by meeting the right cost points for your industry without service level compromise.

Supply chain management services

We work together with our customers with a core focus of “delivering real outcomes”.

Developing a responsive and agile Supply Chain
Rolling out improved inventory management programs
Introducing and Improving inbound and outbound logistics performance
Optimising warehouse performance
Providing input on demand planning and management
ERP system smarts
Smart reporting
Increased DIFOT
Customs Tariff Consultancy

The BRi difference

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Since 1984, BR International has thrived as a prominent Australian supply chain management consultancy. We prioritise meeting industry cost points without compromising service levels. Committed to real outcomes, we specialise in optimising supply chains, inventory management, logistics, and offering expertise in ERP systems and customs tariff consultancy.

Supply chain management FAQs

SCM is the oversight of processes from production to distribution. It ensures efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.

SCM enhances inventory control by optimising order processes, reducing carrying costs, and improving demand forecasting accuracy.

Logistics in SCM involves the efficient movement of goods, from procurement to distribution, minimising costs and maximising service levels.

Demand planning in SCM ensures accurate forecasting, minimising excess inventory and stockouts, improving overall supply chain efficiency.

SCM streamlines warehouse operations through layout optimisation, inventory tracking, and automation, improving overall efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in SCM integrate various business processes, enhancing communication, data accuracy, and overall operational efficiency.

Customs tariff consultancy ensures compliance, minimises risks, and optimises duties, facilitating smoother international trade within the supply chain.

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