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We are an inclusive, workforce operating in a culture of respect and collaboration

At BRi we pride ourselves on hiring & developing problem solvers. Our people must be able to see the world from our customer’s eyes & work tirelessly to find solutions to their challenges.

Why work with us

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Diversity & Inclusion

In our recruitment ethos at BRi, diversity and inclusion are integral, fostering an environment where unique perspectives and backgrounds converge to drive innovation and excellence in freight forwarding and logistics.

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Within BRi's career landscape, collaboration is key, as our teams unite to collectively 
navigate challenges, leveraging diverse skills 
and experiences to propel our logistics 
solutions forward.

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Personal growth

At BRi, our commitment to personal growth is evident in our dedication to nurturing talent, providing opportunities for skill development and career advancement within the dynamic realm of freight forwarding and logistics.

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Recognising the importance of work-life harmony, BRi prioritises balance in careers, ensuring our team members achieve fulfilment both professionally and personally in the fast-paced world of logistics

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In BRi's recruitment culture, transparency is fundamental, fostering an atmosphere where open communication and honesty empower individuals to make informed decisions about their careers in freight forwarding and logistics.

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Emphasising the well-being of our workforce, safety is paramount in BRi's recruitment framework, creating a secure environment where individuals can confidently pursue rewarding careers in the logistics industry.

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Working at BR International feels like being part of a family. I love my job because of our amazing team – always inquisitive, forward-thinking, and positive. Together, we deliver exceptional logistics with flexibility and dedication, exceeding client expectations. I’m proud to be part of BR International!

Allana Colaviti
Technical Sales

What BRi looks for in the next member

Whatever your job is here, you will be part of the team and part of something special. You will be challenged. You will be inspired, and you will be proud.

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Respect and value for others

At BRi, we seek individuals who treat others with respect, recognising and valuing diverse contributions as essential qualities in potential employees forging careers in freight forwarding and logistics.

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Embrace innovation and learning

In the dynamic world of logistics, BRi looks for candidates who embrace innovation and change, demonstrating a willingness to learn and adapt to evolving industry trends in their career journey.

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Open communication & idea sharing

Potential employees at BRi are encouraged to share ideas and opinions, actively contributing to finding better ways, fostering a collaborative environment in the pursuit of excellence in freight forwarding and logistics.

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Responsibility and Trustworthiness

BRi values candidates who take care of entrusted duties, showcasing reliability and accountability as integral qualities for individuals seeking a fulfilling and impactful career in logistics.

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Adaptability and Commitment

For those open to challenges and dedicated to working at their best, BRi seeks employees who demonstrate adaptability and a strong work ethic in navigating the complexities of the logistics industry.

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Alignment with BRi Values

Candidates who not only love making a difference but also align with BRi’s core values are highly sought after, ensuring a shared commitment to excellence and integrity in their careers within the freight forwarding and logistics company.

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