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Data driven, technology enabled – proprietary software

Pathway Text

Data driven, technology enabled – proprietary software

Introducing Pathway software

Live tracking and reporting at your finger tips

PATHWAY: a cloud-based software that actively utilises data to create a product-critical path timeline to provide greater visibility at all stages along the production cycle while prompting action for relevant parties

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BRi Pathway Software

We understand that global supply chains are becoming even more interconnected and complex which means true end-to-end visibility is critical for success.

How Pathway works

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Pathway messages suppliers and clients to prompt action

Exception Reports Dark Blue Hexagon

Provides exception reports for clients/suppliers to action what they need to do

Order Management Dark Blue Hexagon

Allowing parties to manage their orders by exception

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Prompts BR staff & O/S agents to proactively action orders

Engagement Dark Blue Hexagon

Greater engagement & cooperation with suppliers

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Providing greater transparency for all parties

Pathway in action

Tracking your order

Pathway, an innovative cloud-based technology tailored for order tracking. Leveraging real-time data, Pathway generates a comprehensive product-critical path timeline, enhancing visibility throughout the production cycle. This prompts timely actions for relevant stakeholders, ensuring seamless and efficient order tracking within BRi’s comprehensive services.

Pathway In Action Order Tracking
Pathway in action

Real time visibility

This software dynamically harnesses data to construct a live product-critical path timeline, granting enhanced visibility across all production stages. It triggers timely actions, empowering relevant stakeholders for efficient real-time oversight. Creating a complete solution for your business.

Pathway In Action Real Time Visibility
Pathway in action

Reporting and performance

Pathway stands out for its impact on reporting and performance integrating with BRi’s services. By actively employing data, it provides unparalleled visibility and actionable insights for stakeholders at every production stage. Allowing your business to understand and measure performance and deliverables.

Pathway In Action Reporting Performance

Pathway software key overview

We create solutions tailored to you

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Our Pathway software is the key to success in the industry. With Pathway we create solutions tailored to your needs, ensure the best outcomes and quality service.

Aaron Poole
Director – BR International

Our warehousing locations

BRi’s extensive network spans multiple locations across Australia, providing comprehensive logistics solutions nationwide. Our local presence ensures swift and reliable services tailored to your specific needs. With company owned facilities in China, HK, India, USA & NZ.

Pathway software FAQs

Pathway is a cloud-based software by BRi, offering real-time data-driven insights, enhancing visibility, and enabling informed decision-making.

Pathway utilises data for comprehensive reporting, aiding in performance optimisation, resource allocation, and effective planning.

Pathway sends automated alerts and notifications to relevant parties, ensuring timely responses to milestones or issues, minimising delays.

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