DP World Brisbane upgrades terminal operating system including slot booking procedures


To all our valued customers that have containers destination Brisbane

DP World Brisbane have recently upgraded their terminal operating system and slot booking procedures.

This change may have an impact on specific and urgent delivery requests and delay deliveries in Brisbane.

Containers can no longer be slotted by carriers until the containers are physically discharged from the vessel in Brisbane.

What does this mean to you?

  • Cases where we are not able to confirm delivery date/time to customers until 12-24 hours prior to actual delivery, this is somewhat different to our previous 48-72 hour notifications.
  • An urgent request cannot be slotted for collection until it is discharged from the vessel. This will now dictate what other pick up slots are available at this period & it’s no longer a case of the transport company booking 3 days prior to first day of container availability.

Unfortunately these charges are completely out of our control and have been introduced by the Brisbane Terminal Operator in order to better plan the terminals automated operating platform & provide a more timely turn around period.

We will continue to drive our domestic suppliers to ensure optimum slot bookings (upon discharge) are maintained as to not delay deliveries to you our esteemed customer.

Further to the above please note all containers at DP World will be loaded with container doors facing the rear of the trailer. Although on most occasions this will not affect you as containers are run through our hub & repositioned, it may affect urgent deliveries where time does not allow for a repositioning of the doors.

If you have any further question please contact your assigned customer solutions representative.

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