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Find a reliable 3PL and supply chain logistics provider and avoid having to lose millions each year.

Learn from your supply chain logistics customers, today

Poor customer service is costing Australian business 8 billion dollars a year. This is the amount revealed by NewVoiceMedia

‘A survey of 2,004 adults from Australia revealed that 58 percent are taking their business elsewhere as a result of inadequate customer service – and of those, 92 percent have switched at least once or twice in the last year. 55 percent are so put off from calling a business for fear of being kept on hold, that they will switch to a competitor without even attempting to resolve a problem.’

What are the top frustrations causing consumers to switch providers?

The following reasons have been listed as the top causes why consumers would switch providers:

  • Lack of appreciation from a business (46%)
  • Unhelpful/rude contact centre staff (38%)
  • Being passed around multiple agents (32%)

How will you secure the loyalty of your existing and potential customers? Avoid doing any of these and start looking for a reliable and cost effective third party supply chain logistics provider.

How does a reliable 3PL provider help satisfy your customer needs?


Hiring the services of a 3PL provider can guarantee increased loyalty from your customers as it delivers:

  • Timely arrival of goods straight to your store or customer
  • Reduced customer complaints due to wrong item delivery
  • Improved tracking of your customers items

What advantages does a supply chain logistics provider (3PL) bring to your operation?

Aside from gaining happy customers, you can also take advantage of the following benefits hiring a 3PL provider can supply:

  • Focus on your core competencies
  • Save operational and transaction time by handling paperwork, customs documentation, billing, audits and staffing that are required to move goods where they need to go
  • Scale space, labor and transportation according to your needs
  • Eliminates the need to invest in warehouse space, technology, transportation and staff to execute the logistics process

What are the factors you should consider when searching for a third party logistics provider?

These five features will give you an edge in finding that ideal supply chain logistics provider.

Cost Effectiveness

The reason you are looking for a third party logistics provider is to reduce time and money without compromising service quality. Properly assess this by enumerating the diverse services your 3PL provider can deliver. Remember that dealing with a single company to handle all your 3PL needs will give you a number of advantages.


Choose a 3PL warehousing and distribution provider that listens to and understands your unique logistics needs. Begin by asking them to demonstrate a plan for continued process improvements that control costs and ensure ongoing efficiency. This will easily help you evaluate how efficient they are in helping you save money, improve service levels and focus on your core business.

Industry knowledge and expertise

Does it have relevant experience with your type of product, geographic area, technology integration, and customs rules and regulations.

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Five star reviews for BR International on its Facebook page

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BRi has over three decades of industry experience. We are experts in handling:

  • Garments and footwear
  • Bulk products and building materials
  • Electronic components and metals
  • Wine and forest products
  • Project cargo, vehicles and parts and specialised mining supplies
  • Ambient / temperature controlled goods
  • Fragile / Sensitive freight and hazardous cargo
  • Pharmaceutical and medical products
  • Marine / Ship spares and out-of-gauge machinery

Supply chain logistics network strength

Does the 3PL warehousing and distribution provider have a global infrastructure to cater to your needs? Which countries does it operate?

BR International (BRi) global infrastructure extends to major countries including that of:

  • China
  • US
  • Africa
  • India
  • Europe
  • Japan

Visit ‘Our Locations’ page and see our network reach.

Information technology infrastructure and communication

How efficiently and conveniently do they deliver reports? Can you easily check the status of your cargo online? How open are they to guiding and collaborating with you?

All of our products and services sit under one roof so our clients have a single point of call at any one time. With the addition of customer portal access and web-based environments, our customers have everything they need at the click of a mouse.

We maintain open lines of communication to guide and collaborate with you. Tell us your plans of expanding your market reach and we will develop a plan to assist you.

Call us at 1300 348 828 and learn more about the supply chain logistics solution we can deliver your industry.





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