Further to BR International’s bulletin on September 1st, the Australian Border Force ( ABF ) will be meeting with industry bodies within the next couple of days in an attempt to clarify their stance and requirements in relation to the importation of products regarded as potentially containing asbestos.  In the interim, customs brokers are being asked to make declarations, at the time of customs entry lodgement, stating whether products contain asbestos. To ensure BR International’s brokers are making accurate declarations to the ABF on your behalf we will be confirming with importers whether products contain asbestos or not. 

Your entry lodgement will be held pending your response so we respectfully request that you answer the question as quickly as possible.

Please remember that it is the responsibility of the importer to :

  • Ensure they do not import or export prohibited goods, such as asbestos;
  • Comply with regulations and ensure that goods they are purchasing do not contain any level of asbestos; 
  • Onsure their supply chain security by confirming that asbestos was not used to manufacture the goods;
  • Organise sampling and testing for asbestos content prior to shipping the goods to Australia, and
  • Undertake regular risk assessments and quality assurance processes; and provide documentation to customs brokers that provides sufficient assurance.

We would also suggest that you approach your supplier to ensure that you are accurately answering our asbestos declaration question and to cover your interests in the event of any future ABF audit.

We understand this may present some inconvenience however it is a requirement which has been imposed by the ABF by whom we are governed. 

Feel free to contact your BR International Customs team should you have any further queries in relation to this matter.


Keeping you updated,

BRi Customs Department

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