BR Internationals vision since 1984 has been a guiding principle in our commitment to sustainability.

All decisions are made on the basis that we will be here for decades to come, and they are aligned with the key concepts of sustainability: investing in our people and communities, reducing the environmental impact of our activities, supporting our customers, supplier and other stakeholder relationships, and developing our growth strategies.

BRi and our ownership of environmental impacts

We recognise that our business has an impact on climate change, which is a significant concern on a worldwide scale. We are aware of how crucial it is for us to reduce those emissions while maintaining our ability to compete and provide our clients with high-quality services, while also monitoring the environmental effects that our activities have.

At BRi we regularly look for ways to minimise our environmental impact while managing our operations to provide a sustainable working environment.

Our dedication to sustainability and the environment will always be a key component of our business and its achievements to date. We continue to be devoted to these projects and will, if possible, expand them in order to have the best impact.

Where possible, we pledge to go above and beyond the basic environmental criteria.

How we are doing our part

Our offices around the world have implemented the following:

  • A roll out of Solar power where BRI locations are positioned including that of our 3PL sites
  • Water tanks!
  • A commitment to being paperless for all operating procedures
  • Recycling programs, including pallet reuse/ recycling etc
  • Vendor vehicle programs to go "electric"
  • Policies and training in place to ensure low energy/ consumption is being followed

BRi Global Emissions Reporting

BRi understands the responsibility we have in improving our operational carbon emissions footprint.

An integral part of this includes showing best practises in emissions reporting.

Any emissions source that we are able to reasonably regulate has been listed.

Please feel free to ask for our EIR if needed and contact us on