Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is the transportation of goods or "freight" to domestic and international locations. Freight forwarding can cover import, export and third party movements and goods can range from furniture, cars and electronics to clothing, produce, machinery and parts. This includes dangerous or oversized goods.

Transporting freight has been practiced for centuries. It has become reliable way to transport goods internationally. Through modern advances and a network of trusted distribution and forwarding centres, goods can be forwarded with efficiency. BR International's meticulous and reliable approach has assisted in goods being transported via air, sea and land, allowing BRi to be one of Australia's leading freight forwarding services.

Freight Forwarding Offices

BR International has freight forwarding offices located in all the coastal capital cities of Australia.

169 Australis Drive Derrimut Victoria 3030

1A Amour Street, Milperra New South Wales 2214

35 Paringa Road Murarrie QLD 4172

72-78 Purling Avenue, Edinburgh Parks SA 5095

21B Sheffield Rd, Welshpool WA 6106

Our international locations can be found here.

What is the Freight Forwarding Process?

As a specialist in major sectors including mining, retail, lifestyle and wholesale, BR International works with you from the point of scope right through to transporting and delivery. Every measure is taken in the process to ensure the fastest, most efficient method is used for your freight. We can advise the exact size that is required right through to packaging and handling.

The industry standard Full Container Loads (FCL) are available in 20, 40 and 45 foot sizes (~6-13 metres) right down to Less than Container Load (LCL). Approximate timeframes can be provided with service quotes subject to industry delays which will be communicated.

(More on the end-to-end service and customer experience to be added by BRi).

Air Freight Services

Air freight is known as the expedited form of forwarding. Reliability and speed are amongst the benefits, whilst web-based tracking allows the real-time status of freight to be monitored from destination to arrival. Forwarding freight via air can allow for a direct to location service. Same day express services are available for time-sensitive freight including perishables.

Because of the speed of process, less stringent packaging and materials are required for goods. Security for air freight is high given the minimal time in transit, less handling that is required and acuity of tracking.

Sea Freight Services

Sea Freight is also a reliable method of freight forwarding and is often the premium choice for high-volume freight. Transport and delivery times can be longer however forwarding freight via sea can be 3 - 5 times more cost effective. Sea freight containers can carry more weight (up to 3750kgs) so it is often recommended for high-volume transfers. Freight forwarding via sea has less carbon emissions than air freight.

The Point of Difference with BRi's Freight Forwarding Services

BRi is a credible and reliable shipping forwarder that has earned the reputation of being a trusted shipping partner that works efficiently to meet both import and export requirements. BRi offers a complete range of freight forwarding services including air and sea services. We have timedefined services and competitive pricing. BRi offers door to door or airport service. An accelerated service for time-critical shipments is available.

Shipping all over Australia and Overseas

Freight Forwarding FAQs

What is freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding is transporting goods (freight) between locations, either domestically or internationally. These can be imports, exports or third-party transfers.

Why should you use a freight forwarder?

Using a trusted and reliable freight forwarder ensures goods are transported in the most appropriate and efficient way, saving you money in the process.

What are the costs involved in freight forwarding?

Costs vary and detailed quotes are available. (BRi to detail)

What products can you ship?

Items including furniture, cars, electronics, clothing, produce, machinery and parts. Most goods related to the Mining, Wholesale, Retail and Lifestyle sectors. Vessel and aircraft chartering is also available.

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