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For the best freight forwarding services from the USA to Australia, BR International offer import, export and third party forwarding. BR International deliver specialist solutions, upfront quotes and guidance for each step of the freight forwarding process. A reliable and trusted parter across sectors including mining, wholesale, retail and lifestyle, BR International operate from over 30 years of experience in logistics. For any goods or cargo that need to be transferred between the USA and Australia, BR international can advise the cheapest freight forwarding options for commercial activities, from sea freight to air freight, to land transfers.

BR International USA

BR International has dedicated offices for freight forwarding in the United States. The head office of North America is in Atlanta, Georgia, with subsequent offices located in Boise, Idaho, Los Angeles and New York.

HEAD OFFICE: Atlanta, Georgia

1895 Phoenix Boulevard College Park GA 30349 USA

Los Angeles

6101 W Imperial Hwy, Los Angeles, CA 90045

New York, New York

250 North End Avenue NY 10280 USA

How does freight forwarding between the USA to Australia work?

After the quantity/type of freight is confirmed as well as packaging and handling, a quote can be provided for the chosen method of freight forwarding. Is it essential to obtain insurance and to be prepared for customs clearance. Customs clearance is the approval of shipments in and out of the country to ensure compliance with international trade policies. The process occurs at both ends of the freight forwarding process for imports and exports. BR International can advise on the full list of documentation required for the customs clearance process. They generally include a list of goods along with weight and volume details, pro forma invoice and commercial invoice.

To forward freight, an import or export licence may be required. After the freight is approved, an export or import customs clearance is issued. The payment of duties is required and goods are warehoused within the customs' jurisdiction until cleared to move on. Throughout the process, tracking is available from send off to delivery.

What are the freight costs involved for the USA to Australia?

Costs for freight forwarding from the USA to Australia will depend on volume, weight, capacity and whether ocean shipping or air freight is chosen. Generally speaking, air freight attracts a higher cost though the time goods are in transit is significantly reduced. Options are available for expedited freight forwarding via air. BR International can find the cheapest freight forwarding options between USA to Australia for you. Additional costs to consider are packaging, handling, insurance and customs clearance documentation.

Sea Freight for USA to Australia

Sending shipments of goods or cargo is called Sea Freight. Sea Freight is reliable and a costeffective choice for large volumes of freight. It is 3 - 5 times cheaper than air freight though the time in transit can be longer. Volume is quantified into Full Container Loads (FCL) of 20, 40 and 45 foot sizes. The weight contained can be up to 3750kgs. Refrigerated shipping containers, or reefers, are available for products or shipments that need to be kept at lower temperatures. These are insulated as well to ensure durability throughout the USA to Australia journey.

Air Freight for USA to Australia

Sending goods via plane is called Air Freight. It is a much faster process than Sea Freight but can be more expensive. Air Freight is recommended for express shipments to arrive. It is a reliable and secure way to send goods due to the short transit times. Web-based tracking is available to monitor the real-time status of air freight from the USA to Australia. Generally, less stringent packaging and materials are required when goods are travelling via air. BR International can provide competitively priced quotes for air freight forwarding between the USA and Australia.

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Point of Difference of BRi's Freight Forwarding Services

BR International offer specialist freight forwarding solutions across most industries including retail, mining, wholesale and lifestyle, and offer specialised handling of dangerous and oversized goods. Real-time status updates are available for complete visibility throughout the freight forwarding process. BR International do time-defined services and always ensure competitive pricing for all freight forwarding requirements.

We ship all over Australia and Overseas

When shipping from the USA with BR International, you have the option of transporting goods to any of Australia’s major capital cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. Some of the most common routes for freight forwarders, importers and exporters include USA to Australia. Most locations are possible as BR International has locations and freight forwarding partner offices in the UK and Europe, Asia, India and Africa.

International Freight Forwarding FAQs

What is international freight forwarding?

International freight forwarding is the process of shipping or transporting goods to other locations. These can be exports, imports or third party transfers.

What cities in the US do you deliver freight to?

All major cities.

How long does it take to deliver freight to the US or to AUS from the US?

Timeframes can vary from express or expedited shipping or airfreight to six weeks. Speak to BR International for the current status of freight forwarding time frames.

What kind of product can you ship?

Goods can range from furniture, cars and electronics to clothing, produce, machinery and parts. This includes dangerous goods or oversized goods. Vessel and aircraft chartering is also available.

What is customs clearance and does that impact freight forwarding?

Customs clearance occurs at both ends of the freight forwarding process for imports and exports. It is the government mandated approval of shipments in and out of the country. Documents including a customs declaration, lists of goods along with weight and volume details, pro forma invoice and commercial invoice is required plus import or export licences if needed. BR International can advise on the full list of documentation required for the customs clearance process.

Do you deliver freight to Canada or Mexico?

Yes. BRi delivers to all of America. (BRi to confirm)

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