BRi Difference

BRi provides our customers with unique and customised end-to-end trade solutions that simply do not exist in the mainstream transport and logistics industry. Many promise tailored solutions, at BRi WE DELIVER THEM!

The supply chain logistic industry is a competitive environment and with all companies using the same airlines and shipping lines it is vital to offer customers superior services and innovative solutions to separate ourselves from our competitors.

The Bri Difference is:

  • We understand that no two supply chains are the same.
  • We invest the time to truly understand each and every customer's unique business. We then device strategies and tailor solutions that are entirely in sync with the goals and requirements of each customer and their individual situation.
  • We are not facilitators, we are problem solvers. We love a challenge and if there is a better process, service or solution available we will find one.
  • We believe your business is our business. The accomplishments and growth BRi has experienced is directly linked to how much we care for our customer's and their success.
  • We believe today's evolution becomes tomorrow's expectation. At BRi we are continually striving for improvement and endeavour to always be innovators within the industry.
  • At BRi you have direct access to the owners of the business. Unlike our large global competitors there is a human face and a reality to our commitment.
  • In today's rapidly advancing business environments, companies are faced with a challenge to gain greater value from their supply chain provider. BRi is answering this call.