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BR International has offices in Melbourne that can handle any of your freight forwarding requirements, both domestic and international. As one of Australia's leading freight forwarders, our meticulous approach and attention to detail ensures that goods entrusted to us for forwarding via land, sea or air are in the safest of hands.

BRI are specialised in the major market segments of mining, lifestyle, wholesale and retail, but our wideranging experience also allows us to arrange for the movement of unusual cargo such as dangerous goods, giving advice on methods of transport and storage. BR International utilise air freight, land transfers and sea freight to ensure that your goods arrive on time and in the most economical fashion.

Freight forwarding has been around for hundreds of years, but it has only become commonplace with the advent of the globalised marketplace and has experienced an explosion of growth in the last thirty years. Freight forwarders are basically responsible on behalf of shippers for the international movement of goods, including strategic logistics planning and execution.

Melbourne Freight Forwarding Office

BR International Logistics
169 Australis Drive, Derrimut Victoria 3030

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What is The Freight Forwarding Process?

This is the time when a specialist is needed, as there is a step-by-step process that must be followed. When costs and freight details have been finalised, preparation for customs clearance will be required that complies with international and Australian laws.

Customs clearance approval is required at both ends of the freight forwarding process and a complete knowledge of local laws for imports and a working knowledge for exports will be an advantage as the systems vary substantially from country to country.

Licensed customs brokers are qualified people with the ability to prepare the extensive documentation needed to finalise the import/export processes.

If you wish to handle this task yourself you will require a customs declaration, a bill of goods including details of the weight and volume of the cargo, a commercial invoice and an import or export license.

It sounds daunting, but BR International will guide you in the steps required for the customs clearance to proceed in an orderly and timely manner.

After approval an import/export customs clearance is granted, the payment of duties is required, and the freight is warehoused by customs until the clearance procedure is completed.

At all times we maintain a rock-solid line of communication with the customer.

BR International ensures high visibility of your cargo by providing real-time status updates at every stage of the transportation process.

Order tracking is available through the BRi pathway app. Your peace of mind is assured.

Order Tracking

Air Freight Melbourne

Air freight is by far the fastest way to move your freight, especially when long distances are involved. Air freight is a reliable alternative to sea freight, mainly due to sea conditions causing supply chain delays. Perishable items especially benefit as this form of transportation can deliver goods anywhere in the world in a matter of hours.

Aercraft have access to any destination globally without the reliance on a coastline or road network. Insurance costs are much lower due to the reduced travel times, packaging is reduced to a minimum, and warehousing is almost dispensed with due to the efficiency of this means of transport.

Airport security, quick customs clearance and the total reliability of airfreight are further factors affecting the decision. In many cases the extra cost of airfreight is reduced by the advantages listed to make it a very attractive package for consideration.

Heavy items are usually excluded unless time is of the essence. Car parts, clothing and other wearable items, drugs and other pharmaceutical products, any urgent goods or mail, perishables, luxury items and artworks, high volume goods and machinery for medical use are but a few of the items that are regularly shipped by air.

Air Freight Services

BRi understands that the timing of delivery of goods is vital to air solutions. When it comes to fragile, time sensitive, large items or dangerous goods, we use our advanced knowledge of logistics to provide a superior service.

  • Door to door delivery
  • Airport to airport delivery
  • Airport to door delivery
  • ODC Cargo handling
  • High-value cargo handling
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Temperature sensitive handling
  • Charter Services
  • Courier Logistics

Sea Freight Melbourne

Sea freight is the dispatch of goods between ports, both domestic and international. Sea freight is the most popular form of shipping due to its price advantage, averaging 3 - 5 times cheaper than air freight With 20, 40 and 45 foot containers for general use and insulated and refrigerated (reefer) containers for anything that needs controlled temperatures for transport including frozen and medicinal products, sea freight covers the extra time taken for the goods to arrive through the utilisation of advanced technology to ensure the cargo is delivered in peak condition.

Containers can be packed with up to 3750kg of goods. Goods shipped by sea include perishable items shipped in 'reefer' containers, bulk cargo like iron ore and oil, rare and precious items, hazardous chemicals, cars and other machinery, whitegoods and raw agricultural products such as soybeans, coffee beans and wheat.

Cargo is broken down into FCL (full container loads) and LCL (less than container loads). Once you have established your requirements, freight details and costs are confirmed then customs clearance at both ends of the journey must be entered into to remain compliant with the laws of the respective countries involved.

Sea Freight Services

  • Port-to-Port, door-to-door pickups and delivery
  • Full Container Load Service (FCL)
  • Less than Container Load Service (LCL)
  • Groupage and Break-bulk cargo handling
  • Charter Services
  • Refrigerated Services

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International Freight Forwarding - Melbourne

BRi in Melbourne offers a comprehensive freight forwarding service designed to meet all the import and export requirements of our customers. With our extensive experience handling all sizes of containers including high cube, reefer, LCL and FCL, non-containerised cargo, Project Services and vessel/aircraft chartering, we have all your needs covered.

As well we provide consolidation services to/from major gateways, accelerated service for time sensitive shipments, import and export and third party movements, full/partial charters, handling of dangerous and oversized cargo, and door-to-door or airport service.

Whether you choose sea freight, air freight or parcel delivery, you need a forwarder you can trust to deliver.

Point of Difference of BRi's Freight Forwarding Service

BRi provides our customers with customised end-to-end trade solutions that simply do not exist anywhere else in the mainstream transport and logistics industry. We deliver the tailored solutions that are unfulfilled by our competitors.

  • We understand that no two supply chains are the same.
  • We invest the time to truly understand our customer's unique business. We then devise strategies
  • and tailor solutions that are entirely in sync with the goals and requirements of each customer.
  • We are not facilitators, we are problem solvers. We love a challenge and if there is a better
  • process, service or solution available we will find one.
  • We believe your business is our business. The accomplishments and growth BRi has experienced is directly linked to how much we care for our customers and their success.
  • At BRi we are continually striving for improvement and endeavour to always be innovators within the industry.
  • At BRi you have direct access to the owners of the business. Unlike our large global competitors there is a human face and a reality to our commitment.

We Ship all over Australia and Overseas

BRi Melbourne ships to and from all the major centres in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

We also ship to and from many destinations overseas, including India, the U.S. and China. We retain offices in the US in Atlanta, Boise (Idaho), Los Angeles and New York; India in New Delhi at AEL Berkman; and China at AEL Berkman in Hong Kong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen. We have many other offices internationally.

Freight Forwarding FAQs

What is freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding is transporting goods (freight) between locations, either domestically or internationally. These can be imports, exports or third-party transfers.

Why should you use a freight forwarder?

Using a trusted and reliable freight forwarder ensures goods are transported in the most appropriate and efficient way, saving you money in the process.

What are the costs involved in freight forwarding?

Costs vary and detailed quotes are available. (BRi to detail)

Where do you deliver freight?

Almost anywhere in the world.

What kind of product can you freight/ship?

Whitegoods, furniture, consumer items, cars, machinery, clothing, agricultural products and thousands of other things. Bulk products, dangerous and oversize goods etc. If it will ship, we'll ship it.

What is customs clearance and does that impact freight forwarding?

There is extensive documentation required for the customs clearance process. BRi will advise comprehensively to ensure timely customs clearance is achieved.

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