Industrial Action at Patrick Terminals Melbourne Update - MUA Withdraws


Dear Valued Customers


Last night Patricks terminal melbourne were notified due to ongoing COVID cases & the impact this is having on the terminal, the MUA have withdrawn all industrial action for now.


Patrick Terminals - Sydney

  • The current delays at the Sydney terminal are as follows: 
    • On window vessels - 4.1 days
    • Off window vessels - 4.6 days
  • DP World has no short term capacity to take sub-contracts, however, capacity may become available mid-month 
  • Hutchinson has no capacity to take sub-contracts

Patrick Terminals - Brisbane

  • The terminal is currently experiencing low-level impact from industrial action 

Patrick Terminals - Fremantle

  • The terminal is now being impacted by industrial action and vessel bunching
  • The result is that delays are increasing for certain vessels up to 7 days
  • DP World has no capacity for sub-contracting until at least mid-October 

Patrick Terminals - Melbourne

  • Our Melbourne terminal schedule is busy with back to back vessels for the month of October
  • Vessels are currently berthing up to 4 days behind schedule. These delays will increase to  7 - 10 days by mid-October due to the 40 industrial actions taken by the MUA throughout the month and the impact of the COVID isolation periods. Delays are expected to continue to worsen throughout the month due to rolling stoppages by the MUA and labour availability.
  • VICTL has no capacity for sub-contracting due to positive COVID cases and employee isolation requirements
  • DP World currently has no capacity for subcontracting for the next week and we continue to explore subcontracting opportunities with DP World beyond next week. 

Our dedicated Transport team where we can control will be doing all we can to reduce the impact.

As always we thank you for your continued support.

BRI Transport Team.

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