Acceptable Treatment Certificates – China Origin


To our Valued Customers,


We have been alerted to the fact there is currently a backlog of containers requiring methyl bromide fumigation by accredited treatment providers in China. This has resulted in some Chinese suppliers suggesting alternative arrangements, involving the use of unauthorised providers, to Australian importers in an attempt to bypass the delays. We would like to warn our customers that such arrangements will result in additional charges upon arrival here in Australia.


Please be reminded that all certificates from treatment providers in China must be endorsed by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC). This endorsement is evidenced by the GACC logo in the top left corner of the certificate. The certificate must also bear the stamp of the issuing branch and contain security features such as watermarks only visible under a fluorescent lamp or when the document is photocopied. Any treatment certificate from China which is not endorsed with the GACC logo will not be accepted by the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources (DAWR).


In cases where unacceptable treatment certificates are presented, DAWR will direct the related consignment for treatment on arrival, unpack/inspection, re-exportation or disposal at the importer’s cost.


Please feel free to contact BRi’s customs department should you have further queries in relation to this matter.


Keeping you updated,

BRi Customs Team


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