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BRi have been made aware of a recent increase in problematic experiences for importers of motor vehicles. We therefore feel it is timely to advise our customers of motor vehicle import requirements.


The importation of motor vehicles into Australia is prohibited unless a vehicle import approval is obtained from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.  This is the most important factor which is often overlooked by inexperienced importers of vehicles. It is critical that motor vehicles are not shipped from origin until a vehicle import approval is obtained. Applications can take up to 20 business days to be processed. Any vehicle arriving into Australia without an approval will sit in storage until an approval is granted. The associated fees can be substantial.  


Please be mindful that a “vehicle” covers any mechanically driven appliance capable of being driven on a road.  If you intend to import a motor scooter for private use it will still require import approval. The designated end use of an imported vehicle is inconsequential, the important factor is the capability of the vehicle being imported. For example, golf carts capable of exceeding 25km/h and motorised wheelchairs capable of exceeding 10km/h are also regarded as vehicles requiring import approval. Should you be considering the purchase and importation of any vehicle it would be beneficial to visit the Department of Infrastructure website via the following link:


It is also important to ensure your vehicle has been cleaned prior to shipping.  Any second-hand motor vehicle entering Australia will require a thorough inspection by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Any cleaning completed prior to arrival will reduce the level of possible treatment required (and associated costs) upon arrival.


Please also be aware that the importation of asbestos is prohibited. Some vehicles may contain asbestos components. It is important to remove such items prior to importation into Australia.


Should you have any further enquiries in relation to the importation of vehicles, our customs team will be happy to assist.


Keeping you updated,

BRi Customs Team

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