NYK shipping to withdraw from Australian Market


The Japanese ocean carrier NYK is to review its arrangements on the Far East-Australia route, saying it “will likely” withdraw from the ANA and AAX consortium arrangements on the trade from mid 2016.


Notices have been served to its consortium partners and NYK adds, “although final dates have not been agreed, we expect to continue trading normally until mid-2016. Discussions continue with our partners in each of the trades and we hope to have more information”. NYK did not provide details on the reasons behind this decision, nor did it advise on its future coverage of the FE-Australia route.


The ANA and AAX arrangements cover four weekly loops, with the ANA covering the Japan-Korea-China-Australia route (two loops) and the AAX covering the SE Asia-Australia route (two loops). Both sets of services cater for Asian cargoes as well as for American and European cargoes through transshipments.

NYK says that its review of the Australian container operations would not affect its participation on the New Zealand trade as well as it PCC and bulk shipping business.


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