Marmorated Stink Bug Season – Italy - Update


Dear Valued Client

Importers of products from the USA and/or Italy would be well aware of the current measures being enforced by the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources ( DAWR ) to combat the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug(BMSB). Such measures are resulting in mandatory fumigation of many containers arriving into Australia from these countries. With the use of methyl bromide fumigant prohibited in Italy many containers arriving from that country have been held upon arrival pending local treatment. In an attempt to avoid the significant delays this has created,  BR International have previously suggested sulfuryl fluoride treatment prior to departure as a potential alternative. This has proved beneficial for some clients.

The department has found significant numbers of BMSB on arrival in Australia in various types of goods arriving from Italy and recently reviewed the risk of failed offshore treatments of goods shipped via sea cargo from Italy with detections of live insects including BMSB.  The review has resulted in the decision to not accept sulfuryl fluoride as a valid treatment for goods shipped from Italy, effective immediately.

Any consignments shipped from Italy on or before the end of the BMSB season ( concludes April 30 ) will be required to undergo an approved BMSB treatment onshore unless they have been treated offshore using an approved treatment.  The cost of approved offshore treatments will be extremely high so onshore treatment upon arrival in Australia ( generally methyl bromide fumigation ) will essentially be the only feasible option at this point in time.

BR International will keep you updated of any developments in relation to the BSB season.

Feel free to contact your BRi customs representative should you have any further queries or concerns in relation to this matter.

Keeping you updated,

BRI Customs Team



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