Shippers and importers face New Year rate rises – Shipping Asia to Australia


Lines in two key Asian trades will be implementing southbound rate recovery programs early in the New Year.

First cab off the rank will be the Asia Australia Discussion Agreement (AADA) which will attempt to leverage expected increased demand ahead of Chinese New Year to implement yet another restoration, this time of US$400 per 20 and $800 per 40 from January 7.

This will cover all dry and refrigerated cargoes from Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to all ports and points in Australia.

AADA lines are hoping the crimping of excess space, attributable to the annual capacity management program implemented late last month, will strengthen the chances of the rate rise sticking ahead of the usual post-CNY decline.

Meanwhile, Maersk Line has scheduled a rate rise of US$200 per 20, US$400 per 40 in the ISC/SEA-Australia trade on January 15.

In this case the increase is applicable to all shipments from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to Australia.

Maersk has also expanded the scope of previously-flagged December 15 Pacific Island rate rises, with Tonga, Samoa and Cook Is shipments to/from the US, Guam, Colombia and Puerto Rico now also to cost an additional US$1000/2000/2000, from January 4.

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