ANL - Bunker Adjustment Factor – Effective 1st April 2019


To our Valued Customers,


Bunker is one of the important cost components for a container shipping line. And as you are aware, IFO 380 price has shown strong fluctuations in the recent months.

ANL have advised, in addition, a new IMO (International Maritime Organization) low sulphur regulation will be applied to all container shipping companies effective 1st January 2020. The regulation stipulates a maximum sulphur content threshold of 0.5% for marine fuels over 100% of the sea distance for any maritime services including all ANL services.

On 1st January 2019, ANL moved to a quarterly Bunker Adjustment Formula (BAF).

BAF quantum applicable from 1st April 2019 will be calculated based on the IFO 380 per ton range $376-$400.

Please see consolidated Q2 BAF* levels below:


REGION                                                                BAF Northbound                              BAF Southbound

SEA/NEA/ISC/ME Gulf to/from

AU/NZ                                                                  62                                                     212


US/Canada West Coast to/from

AU/NZ/PNG/ Pacific Islands                                   240**                                                 240


US/Canada East Coast & US Gulf

to/from AU/NZ/PNG/Pacific Islands                        460**                                                 460


Australia to/from NZ                                            26 (Eastbound)                                    121 (Westbound)


PNG to/from Asia (APR)                                       222                                                     222


Darwin/Dili to/from Asia (PAX)                              246                                                     246


Australia Coastal                                                 43 AUD                                                43 AUD


New Zealand Coastal                                           22 NZD                                                22 NZD


AU/NZ to/from Europe                                         440 (Westbound)**                              520 (Eastbound) **


Per TEU in USD (unless other currency specified).

** Reefer Consumption Surcharge (RCS) at 20% BAF also applies.


Feel free to contact your BRi Customer Service Representative, should you have any further queries or concerns in relation to this matter.


Keeping you updated,

BRi Customer Service Team

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