To our Valued Customers,


BRi would like to remind all importers that the 2020-21 BMSB season is fast approaching. Goods shipped from target risk countries with departure dates between 1 September 2020 and 30 April 2021 (inclusive), and arriving in Australia by 31 May 2021, will be subject to BMSB measures.


BMSB measures will remain consistent with last year however it is important to note the addition of 3 countries to the “target risk countries” list – Portugal, Ukraine and Moldova. The full list of countries categorised as target risk are: -


Albania                                Croatia                                  Kosovo                                             Russia

Andorra                               Czechia                                 Liechtenstein                                     Serbia

Armenia                               France                                  Luxembourg                                      Slovakia

Austria                                 Japan (Breakbulk only)          Montenegro                                       Slovenia

Azerbaijan                            Georgia                                Moldova                                            Spain                    

Belgium                                Germany                              Netherlands                                      Switzerland

Bosnia & Herzegovina            Greece                                 Portugal                                            Turkey

Bulgaria                                Hungary                              Republic of North Macedonia               Ukraine

Canada                                 Italy                                    Romania                                           USA


Whilst it is preferable to have products subject to BMSB measures treated offshore, treatment options are available in Australia.  Whilst this option is available, it must be noted that, where an Australian treatment provider deems goods unable to be treated at container level due to space / packing material issues, the container must be moved to a class 4.7 facility for further assessment. This is certainly worth noting as there are a limited number of such facilities and we witnessed major congestion last year which led to significant additional fees, hence why offshore treatment is the most desirable option.


We will keep you updated of any BMSB developments, however, please do not hesitate to contact your BRi customs department should you have any queries in relation to the upcoming season.


Keeping you updated

BRi Customs Team

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