DP World Fremantle Terminal Delays - Update


To our valued customers,


Due to a heavy work programme and multiple vessel arrivals, DP World Fremantle has suffered significant landside logistics delays this week.

Container transport operators have reported truck delays of over 4 hours, and less than ideal communications with DP World operational supervisors, making it more difficult to plan how to best recover from the delays.

Container transport operators have had to endure additional operating hours and reduced operating efficiency. This comes at a cost that is borne by the landside logistics sector, not by the inefficient stevedore terminal. 

One of the major flow-on effects is that containers haven't being delivered on the second, third or potentially even the fourth day of availability at the wharf.  This leads to the possibility of importers not being able to unpack containers and have them dehired at empty container depots in the available time before they incur container detention fees from Shipping Lines.


Keeping you updted, 

BRi Transport Department 

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