Covid-19 Update - BRi China Offices Shanghai & Ningbo


Dear Valued Customers,

We are closely monitoring the covid situation in China. Below is a summary of the latest update of BRi Shanghai & Ningo offices, and port operations.


Shanghai --- Locked down until further notice.


Lock down continues with no official news or announcement on re-open date. 

  • Residence remain locked down with stay at home orders in place.
  • Transportation within Shanghai has been restricted to trucks supplying food & essential items with appropriate road permits.
  • Trucking in Shanghai: Container trucks are still operational, but limited as a result of full lockdown & ordered factory closures within Jiangsu province. Quarantine regulations also significantly restricting truck driver mobility and impacting service options, with driver sunable to travel to other cities.
  • Warehouse in Shanghai: Not accepting cargo due to lockdown.
  • BRi  Shanghai office: Working from home.

Ningbo --- Positive cases report in several areas.

  • Positive cases have been reported in several areas in Zhejiang and Ningbo.
  • 48-hour PCR test is required to enter Ningbo.
  • Highway exits are being heavily monitored with exits beings closed to control traffic conditions. 
  • Trucking & Warehouse in Ningbo: Reduced operational efficiency as a result of limited capacity with strict testing & regulations imposed on truckers & workers.
  • BRi Ningbo office: Working as normal in office                        


Should you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Service Representative.                                                                                                         

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