Bangladesh Update - Serious delays in Chittagong port


Dear Valued Clients,

We have been advised of serious delays in Chittagong port, Bangladesh.

Please find a summary of the impacts below.

Weather Conditions:

Torrential rain continues to pour over the last week which has caused water logging in many areas of the city and adjacent areas. Last week on Tuesday a devastating landslide killed at least 150 people in Rangamati, Bandarban and Chittagong districts. Several hundreds have also been injured. Road connectivity with those districts from Chittagong has stopped which has created a crisis in food, fuel, medicine and other commodities which are being supplied from Chittagong. Power supply was also cut in the districts as several poles of main transmission lines were destroyed in the landslide.

Berthing Delay :  

No visible improvement has been seen in the congestion scenario at Chittagong port. Due to continuous rain port productivity has been adversely affected. NCT terminal area vessel’s dwell time increased to approx 4-5 days from standard 3 days due to slow operations and congestion at the yard. However, terminal wise berthing delays are currently below:  

·         CCT ( Gantry Berth) :                             7-8 days.

·         NCT ( deep draft berth)                         7-8days.

·         GCB ( shallow draft berth):                   5-6 days.


Empty Container Status inside the Terminal :  

Empty containers inside the terminal are increasing.


Force sailing of Vessel :

Vessels are forced to sail after completion of Import Discharge and Export FULL loading, No vessel is currently allowed to stay for empty loadings.


Expected Issues forecasted:   

Torrential Rain and Ramadan breaks may continue to affect Port Productivity.


If you have any questions please contact your customer service representative


Shaun Azzopardi

National Customer Service Manager


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