A further update on vessel Maersk Gironde V 435s


Dear all valued customers,

We have received a further update in relation to the Maersk Gironde V 435S with further changes around vessel arrival

Vessel Maersk Gironde V 435S will not be able to continue her voyage due to main engine failure and will be replaced by vessel SEA Land Champion V 435S in Singapore and updated schedule is below:

  • ETD Singapore: 23rd November
  • ETA Fremantle: 28th November
  • ETA Melbourne: 3rd December
  • ETA Sydney: OMIT
  • ETA Brisbane: 7th December

As a result shipments to Fremantle/Melbourne/Brisbane will be delayed by 11 to 13 days and Sydney bookings will be transhipped in Melbourne for vessel Maersk Launceston V 437S with revised ETA 8th of December.

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