Imports of Steel Pallet Racking – Provisional anti-dumping measures


To our Valued Customers,

Importers of steel pallet racking should be aware of a preliminary affirmative determination recently announced by the Australian Anti-Dumping Commission(ADC). The announcement confirmed that current investigations into the alleged dumping of steel pallet racking, exported from China and Malaysia into Australia, have provided sufficient grounds to take securities on importations of such products.

This means that, effective June 19th, any importations  of steel pallet racking from China or Malaysia will need to be declared to Australian Customs who will take a security for the dumping duty. The ‘description of goods’ subject to security measures are : Steel Pallet racking, or parts thereof, assembled or unassembled, of dimensions that can be adjusted as required (with or without locking tabs and/or slots, and/or bolted or clamped connections), including any of the following - beams, uprights (up to 12m) and brace (with or without nuts and bolts). Once the ADC’s investigation is concluded a decision will be made whether securities are converted into actual dumping duty payments or cancelled.

The rate of dumping security payable varies according to the supplier and country of origin.  Importers who feel they may be impacted by these new measures should make contact with their BR International customs broker who will be in a position to provide the relevant rate of security.

BR International will keep clients updated of any progress in relation to this issue.

Feel free to contact your BRi Customs Representative should you have any further queries or concerns in relation to this matter.

Keeping you updated,

BRi Customs Team



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