Local exclusive: New DP World boss sets out policy agenda – Potential for improvement at DP World


Paul Scurrah, managing director and CEO of DP World Australia;
Photo credit – photosydney.com.au

Mr. Scurrah has set out a vision to help the company adapt to “inevitable” changes of a market that is now more contested – owing to the current and future entry new stevedores – and a supply chain that is undergoing a process of vertical integration.

He added that the increased level of competition in the stevedoring market, which for many years has been a near duopoly, was the major challenge that attracted him to the CEO role at DP World.

Stating that the new entrants take contestability up “another level” he said that “what attracted me is that I’ve been in this position before.”

Mr. Scurrah was referring to his previous senior management role at the airline Ansett, which faced a change from a duopoly status, and also his senior management role at rail freight operator, Aurizon, which was a former monopoly that later faced strong competition from Asciano.

He commented that increased competition is a reminder to DP World Australia that it has “no God-given right” to business, which it must instead earn from customers.

“The vision is to establish ourselves as the Australian market leader… we will meet competition head on with a service focus,” he asserted.

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