Chittagong : Port Situation Update


Dear Valued Clients,

Please note the below update on the Chittagong port, Bangladesh situation:

Weather Conditions : Heavy rains with city submerged on the 25th and 26th of July due to continuous rainfall and tide waters. Import containers stacked on the ground inside the terminal may be affected by the floods.

Berthing Delay : Berthing delays reduced slightly at GCB/ NCT terminal this week. Situation at CCT terminal remains unchanged. Delays are expected to reduce in approx.  5-6 days at CCT from this week as vessel operators replaced most of their gearless vessels with geared to avoid unbearable delays .

Terminal wise current delays as below :


  • CCT ( Gantry Berth) :                          13 days.
  • NCT ( deep draft berth)                      5 days.
  • GCB ( shallow draft berth):                3 days.


Condition at CCT terminal : It’s still uncertain when gantries will be repaired, till then only one berth shall be allocated for Gearless vessels.

Empty Status inside Terminal : Empty stock inside the terminal has increased.  Stock inside the terminal is currently 6513 Teus as per yesterday’s report (26/07).

IMPORT at Terminal :      Number of IMPORT FCL inside the terminal remains high as rain has affected the delivery of import consignments as well as movement of FCL from the terminals. Stock of import FCL inside port facility reached to 31,746 Teus while the port has the capacity of holding 26,857 Teus :

Force sailing of Vessel :   Vessels are forced to sail after completion of Import Discharge , gates are being closed 6 hrs prior sailing of each vessel which causes a significant amount of export boxes being shut out from each vessel.

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