Shipping lines announce further increases in Australian local charges


Shipping line fees to increase

To our valued customers,

Over recent week’s we have seen a raft of announcements by Australian shipping lines advising of further increases in their local handling fees.

As we have come to expect, the lines do not even attempt to explain these increases as most other companies would.

These increases are despite further cost reduction initiates the lines have already taken

  • No longer accept payments by cheque or cash
  • Reducing the number of front of house staff
  • Issuing almost all delivery order electronically
  • Making significant cuts to back office staff number (adversely effecting service & visibility of shipment)

Effectively as a business we are working harder than ever to simply compensate for the shipping Lines inadequacies & lack of service offering.

In coming weeks there will be increases in the following areas;

  • Destination port & handling charges
  • Container detention fees

Please be aware that this will result in incremental increases to overall charges, but an increase none the less.

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