DP World Terminals’ Landside Fee Increases


Dear Valued Customers

DP World have announced increases in its Terminal Infrastructure Access charges Effective 1 May 2021, they have also implemented a new charge to combat congestion & improve safety at their facility which comes in effect from 0500am 19 April 2021.

PTC - Peak Traffic Management Surcharge

DP World Australia Logistics has identified peak trucking activities around their facilities that are contributing to long trucking queues. These queues are a hazard to all other traffic users near their facilities and are causing increases to truck turnaround times.

To help address these issues, DP World Australia Logistics will implement a series of initiative’s that will provide additional capacity during peak periods and ensure safe working operations of their facilities;

  • The number of available slots during the peak periods will increase by 40 %. This will provide additional opportunities for Transport operators to book slots and avoid arriving at their sites without a booking and will help reduce delays / congestion;
  • They are digitising the gate process. Through the installation of cameras and a traffic light system, drivers will no longer need to leave their cabs to manually book in at the gate office. This is safer for both the driver and DP World staff with reduced face to face interactions. DP World will match the online transport booking information with number plate recognition technology, to expedite the entry and exit process;

The surcharge will be additional to the VBS fee  and will apply between 05:00 and 16:00 weekdays. Either side of this time frame no surcharge will be applicable. The surcharge will be applied effective 19th April 2021.

We appreciate your continued support. Please feel free to contact your Customer Solutions Representative, should you have any queries or concerns.

Keeping you updated,

BRi Customer Solutions Team


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