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To our Valued Customers


BRi customs clearance customers would be aware of the Department of Agriculture’s (DOA) requirement that goods treated overseas are to be stored appropriately after treatment to avoid re-infestation. For sea freight consignments where treatment certificates do not include a container number the DOA will request a storage declaration as evidence that the treated goods have been stored appropriately.  BRi have previously alerted our customers to the advantages in providing a storage declaration for import sea clearance shipments, including those where a container number is actually included on the treatment certificate, as a fail-safe way in which to ensure documents complied with DOA requirements.


The DOA have advised industry that storage declarations are now a mandatory requirement for all airfreight shipments containing goods treated overseas. In line with DOA’s minimum documentary requirements, all declarations must contain consignment links, be signed, dated and include the individual’s name and company title.


Feel free to pass on the accompanying storage declaration template to any airfreight suppliers providing goods which have been treated overseas.


Please do not hesitate to contact your customs department representative, should you have further queries in relation to this matter.


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BRi Customs Team

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