Friday Logistics Digest: Additional fumigation requirement, West Coast Terminal update and more


Friendly reminder on additional fumigation requirements and West Coast Terminal closure on Monday

Dear Valued Clients,

As you may be aware, Australia has implemented new/additional fumigation requirements per downloadable PDF attached: US-Australia-Fumigation-Notice-10th-February-2015

Click to download USA to Australia – Fumigation Requirement

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In addition the to the PDF, the following link may provide additional guidance.   We anticipate that this is a fluid situation and will keep you advised of new developments or significant changes to the current position.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs Frequently Asked Questions

New and existing fumigation requirements imposed by the destination authorities are the sole responsibility of the shipper and consignee/destination agent  to ensure proper compliance.

Please refer to your assigned CS Representative if you have any questions about these and the updates mentioned below.

West Coast Terminal to close on President’s Day, Monday

Please be reminded that the West Coast Terminal will be closed on Monday, 16 February.

US West Coast Terminal to close on Monday, President's Day

US West Coast Terminal to close on Monday, President’s Day (Image taken from Wikipedia)


The said closure is not due to any radical action taken by either International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and Pacific Maritime Association (PMA). It is also not to be associated with a breakdown in contract discussions between the two parties.

Existing General Contract between ILWU and PMA

The General Contract between the two parties states that holidays, where work usually does not stop, carriers must pay a premium to labour over and above what is paid to them by the Terminal Operators. However, as of this moment, no carrier is willing to pay the special Holiday premium so it is most likely the Terminals shall be closed.

Chance of terminals being operational

If a new Contract be agreed on 12 Feb, it would be most likely that terminals will be fully operational.

If a carrier decides they are willing to pay the Holiday premium, a particular terminal could open, but this is not likely.

Good News

The Terminal closure will only affect gates. Vessels and trains will continue as normal.

13 Container Vessels anchored in LA/LB Harbor

Below is the list of 13 container vessels at anchorage in LA/LB Harbor. Those in red have just newly arrived at anchorage while those in yellow have not reached berth.

Keeping Goods Moving Hearing convened on 10 Feb

10 Feb – U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) convened the Subcommittee on Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and Security for a hearing entitled, “Keeping Goods Moving.”

The hearing focused on the importance of efficiently functioning U.S. ports to supply chains. Witnesses shared their knowledge on economic and logistical impact of port delays, congestion and inadequate or outdated infrastructure.

It highlighted the changing dynamics and capacity challenges of international shipping, as well as the importance of functioning port infrastructure. Other factors that were discussed included:

  • Equipment shortages
  • Labor strife
  • Worldwide moves toward larger vessels
  • Security challenges

Click here to watch archived webcast. 


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