Free Trade Agreement with Indonesia


To our Valued Customers,


BRi wishes to inform its customers of a new Free Trade Agreement which will soon be operational.  The Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement ( IA-CEPA) will enter into force on 5 July 2020.


Importers of goods from Indonesia would be aware that most Indonesian goods imported into Australia are already entitled to duty free entry via the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement. This suggests most benefits of IA-CEPA will be felt by Australian exporters who ship goods to Indonesia. Despite this, there may still be some advantages for importers as the new agreement allows declarations of origin to be used as evidence of origin rather than the traditionally used certificates of origin. Such declarations may be made on an invoice, delivery note or other commercial document provided it contains certain mandatory fields and there is no prescribed form for a declaration of origin.


Any BRi clients currently paying duty on imports from Indonesia should consider the IA-CEPA as a potential tool in which to reduce duty liabilities. BRi’s Customs department would be happy to assist with any queries you may have in relation to this new free trade agreement.


Keeping you updated,

BRi Customs Team

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