Extensive Delays on SYDNEY Empty Container Returns


To our Valued Customers,

We have received multiple industry reports confirming carriers have been experiencing extensive delays whilst de-hiring/returning empty containers at shipping line nominated empty parks.

The most obvious delays have been occurring at DP Logistics and MCS/QUBE, with current turn-around times of 2-4 hours.

This continues to add pressure on industry as carriers are left with no other option but to wait in the que to ensure containers are returned prior to the commencement of detention.  

The allowance on return of empty containers is 30 minutes and any waiting time beyond this will become billable as suppliers are no longer able to absorb the ongoing expense.  

BRi has played an active part behind the scenes in our dealings with NSW Ports, industry representative bodies and the ACCC and will continue to outline current issues as next week’s Cargo Facilitation Committee.

If you have any questions on this matter do not hesitate to contact your customer service representative.

Keeping you updated,

BRi Customer Service Team

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