Empty Container Park Update


Dear Valued Customers


Please see update regarding continuing problems with Empty Container Parks (ECP's).


Today, members are telling us the return of empties to ECP's is in chaos.


As I understand it from members, the following ECP's are refusing to take returns of OOCL empties:



DPW (unless container marked for DP1) and now not accepting Cosco


MCS Rail


In Containerchain there are 77 re-directions in place plus individual containers for all shapes and sizes of containers.


Currently empty parks are becoming fuller by the day.


For example:


ACFS E-DEPOT are currently re-directing HAMBURG SUD and MAERSK 40GP’S and 40HC’S to ACFS Enfield

ACFS E-DEPOT are currently re-directing SINOTRANS 20GP’S 40GP’S and 40HC’S to ACFS Enfield or E-link

ACFS E-DEPOT are currently re-directing HYUNDAI 20GP’S 40GP’S and 40HC’S to ACFS Enfield.


Virtually every shipping company and empty container park have containers being re-directed.


We call upon the shipping lines and ECP's to resolve this issue as a priority as landslide carriers are on a merry-go-round of redirections and closed returns.


Carriers are having to take empty containers back to their premises until they receive advice and confirmation as to where to take the empty containers.


Additional cartage and handling costs are being incurred through no fault of container carriers or forwarders efforts to de-hire empties.


We thank you for your continued support & will keep you updated. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact your BRi Customer Solutions Representative.


Keeping you updated,

BRi Transport Team

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