Patrick Terminals Industrial Action Update


Dear Valued Customers


Patrick Terminal have applied to Fair Work Australia to terminate the existing 2016 Enterprise Agreement, the issue came before the FWC for a short hearing yesterday.

The outcome of this hearing was that Patrick Terminals would prepare evidence for presentation to the FWC within two weeks and the MUA would then have a further three weeks to prepare its evidence, a hearing date would then be scheduled for the matter.


We will keep you updated throughout this process.


Terminal Operations Update

Patrick Terminals - Sydney

  • Vessels delays have now increased to between 7 - 8 days due to industrial action.

Patrick Terminals - Brisbane

  • Vessel delays are forecast to increase to between 1 - 2 days over the coming week due to the industrial action.

Patrick Terminals - Fremantle

  • Vessel delays are currently up to 5 days due to the industrial action.

Patrick Terminals - Melbourne

  • Vessel delays are currently up to 9 days and are expected to increase with the upcoming industrial action.
  • One vessel has been subcontracted in an effort to help ease growing congestion.

Thanks for choosing BR International.


BRI Transport Team.


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