BR International wish to advise our clients of potential delivery delays during the next week as a result of industrial action. 


Employees of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection ( “Customs” ) will be taking part in Protected Industrial Action ( PIA )  from November 3rd through to November 9th.  The Community and Public Sector Union ( CPSU ) have given notice of 24 hour work bans during this time period which will impact container/cargo examination facilities and international mail facilities nationally.  Of particular concern to BRi and our customers is the impact this action will have on the operation of the Container Examination Facility ( CEF ).


Usual practice is that up to 100 containers per day pass through each CEF - most containers are x-rayed, risk assessed and returned to the terminal for delivery with minimal delay. This will potentially change in coming days  with “holds” on all CEF selected containers to remain in place for the duration of the PIA.  Although Customs are looking at ways and means to minimise the impact on industry, it is highly likely that, should your container be selected for the CEF, you will experience several additional days of delay in cargo release from the terminal. This will in turn increase the likelihood of stevedore storage charges and shipping line detention fees for delayed return ( or dehire ) of empty containers.


As usual, BRi will be monitoring the situation and assisting customers where we can during this unpredictable and frustrating period.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any further queries or concerns in relation to this matter.


Keeping you updated,

Transport Department

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