Coronavirus continues to spread through China and Globally


To our Valued Customers


As the coronavirus continues to spread through China and globally, on Jan 30th, The World Health Organization declared a global health emergency because of fears that the coronavirus may reach countries with fragile health care systems.


Until today Feb 2nd, more than 300 people have died, with nearly 14,500 infections confirmed.


The local governments like Shanghai advised companies to strictly follow the announcement not to resume work before Feb 9th as to encourage people stay at home to contain the spreading of coronavirus. Workers returning from epicentre of the coronavirus or the nearby areas must be isolated for 14 days to make sure they’re not carrying the coronavirus. 


Safety Production Supervision team (SPS) conducts regular visits to labour-intensive production sites, warehouses etc. to monitor the performance of compliance to government’s announcement. Companies who do not follow may risk getting monetary fine or subject to other kinds of penalty.


Some countries like The United States, Australia, Singapore etc. announced that they would bar non-citizens arriving from mainland China entering the countries. Some airlines have suspended all flights to and from the Chinese mainland due to the health threats posed by the coronavirus, and concerns regarding its continued spread globally.


Our China and Australia Management teams are closely monitoring the situation as part of our commitment to ensure the safety of our staff while working towards mitigating any possible impact to our agent partners and customers’ operations.


We are continuing to monitor all sources to provide you with the most up to date & accurate information on what appears to an ever-worsening situation.


Please refer to your assigned Customer Solutions Representative, should you require further assistance.


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