BREAKING NEWS: Patrick wharfies overwhelmingly refuse EBA


PATRICK employees today overwhelmingly voted to refuse the company’s latest enterprise agreement offer.

The agreement was voted down with a 98% majority, according to a statement from Patrick.

“Our hope had been that the confidential vote might enable more of our employees to find their voice on the issue,” Patrick executive Alex Badenoch said.

“Our people have given an emphatic no to our proposal, a fact that is extremely disappointing, but not unexpected given the MUA’s longstanding and thoroughly unproductive influence.”

Patrick arranged the vote directly with its employees, bypassing the MUA.

Ms Badenoch said the vote “suggests a brighter future is possible where a company like ours can routinely engage our employees directly about matters critical to the futures of both, openly and transparently”.

“For the present we remain stuck in a needlessly adversarial industrial relations environment that deems it acceptable for employers and employees to butt head to their mutual detriment over matters critical to both every few years,” she said.

According to the statement from Patrick, its offer still stands despite the vote.


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