To our Valued Customers,


BRi have encountered problems in recent times where importers have included “friends” or “colleagues” personal goods in containers of commercial cargo. This has created significant delays in customs clearance and incurred additional costs.  We would therefore like to warn importers against the practice. 


Every consignment arriving into Australia requires Customs clearance. Where a consignment includes goods being imported by two or more owners, multiple clearances are required. We have recently had cases where a commercial importer has decided to offer a “favour” to a personal importer, or in one case, another commercial entity, by including their small shipment in a larger consignment, and delays have occurred. In one case the products being imported by the “second importer” were prohibited imports and actually required destruction here in Australia. The additional costs accrued to over $ 15,000 as the consignment was required to be split into two, meaning new Bills of Lading had to be produced and the consignment sat in underbond storage for some weeks while the issue was resolved.


Please be aware that it is mandatory to issue a Bill of Lading for each supplier within a consignment. Failure to do so will more than likely incur additional fees. Should you have any situation where you would like to include another party’s consignment with your own, please ensure you contact your BRi contact who will discuss the best method in which to handle your consignment.


Feel free to contact your BRi Customs Representative, should you have any further queries or concerns in relation to this matter.


Keeping you updated

BRi Customs Team

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