Truck fleet strike at Ningbo port – Major Delays


More than 100 container truck owners started a strike and protest at Ningbo Beilun port yesterday morning.

The owners have requested to increase trucking freight rates and claimed that the rate hasn’t been increased for eight years.

“Ningbo Port gave a guidance rate for trucking service eight years ago, it hasn’t been increased since then, however, the diesel price has almost doubled during the eight years,” said a truck owner at the protest.

An official at Ningbo Container Transport Association, explained to the truck owners that Ningbo Transportation Association has already made a new trucking rate, which increased the current rate by 12%, and planned to announce it on August 22, unfortunately the owners started the protest without knowing the news.

The strike brought by truck drivers at the port city of Ningbo which brought considerable disruption to local supply chains is still in progress.

A number of ships were delayed in their departure in the past couple of days and future delays are expected.

According to BR International the strike has impacted the normal terminal operation where the loaded containers cannot be delivered to the terminal and the import shipments cannot be out and delivered to the customers.

We ask all customers to take note of the above as we have no doubt into store dates will be effected.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your assigned customer solutions team member.

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