Food Importers – Country of Origin labelling requirements


To Our Valued Customers,


Food importers would be aware of the new requirements relating to declaring the country of origin on food labelling. We feel it is timely to update interested parties on changes to be implemented from July 1, 2018.


The two year transition period for the food industry to migrate from the country of origin labelling requirements contained within the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code to the Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard 2016 comes to an end on 30 June 2018.  Border inspections will be carried out to verify whether imported foods are compliant with the new requirements.


All food packaged up to June 30, 2018 will be assessed as compliant if it complies with either the Information Standard or the Food Standards Code.


All food packaged from July 1, 2018 must comply with the Country of Origin Food Labelling Standard 2016.


Where food was packaged before 1 July 2018 and complied with the Food Standard Code, compliance documentation must be supplied to the food inspection officer at the time of the food inspection.


Where food labelling is non-compliant, the products will be either re-labelled, exported or destroyed.


For those food importers wishing to gain further knowledge in relation to their range of products, the following link has relevant information :-


Please feel free to contact your BR International customs clearance team should you require assistance directing enquiries to the correct government department.


Keeping you updated,

BRi Customs Team

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